31 August, 2005

Digitizing those singles (21) - Tommy Tutone

+ Ok, I'm back. It took more than I thought. This time was so great I really forgot everything. And I really mean it. Everything, work, women, cadillacs and so on...

+ Then, I guess we will keep on digitizing those singles of mine (and of others, he, he).

+ Today I bring you the first two singles of a band (new wave, power pop) that could well be labelled as a one hit wonder. Their main (I should say huge) hit was a song devoted to Jenny's phone number, which appeared on a wall someday making all the boys (and some girls) dial it for ever. Tommy Tutone is the band.

* The first album, contained these two great songs:

A - Angel say no
B - The Blame

both composed by Jimmy Keller (bandleader, aka Jimmy James) with Tommy Heath (singer and frontman). You should visit Jimmy's web pages. He's kinda busy!.

* The second album contained THE song that put them into popstardom and what made them appear almost in each and every 80's or new wave compilation:

A - 867-5309/Jenny
B - Not say goodbye

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Anonymous said...

Check out Tommy Heath's web site (www.tutone.com).

Tommy is still out there kicking it occasionally and has a great recent album (Tommy Tutone.RTF) and a new one in the works!

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