07 April, 2007

Rediscovering Graham Parker

+ El hombre enfadado ha vuelto. Ya lleva tres estupendos álbumes esta década, con un puñado de canciones salvables para incluir en su larga trayectoria.

+ Escucha Nation of Shopkeepers, (rm) from Your Country (2004). Impressive the first song, Anything for a laugh (we're all clowns, I say).

+ Songs of no consequences was his work in 2005. I listened to it more than ten times. Escucha Bad Chardonnay o There's Nothing On the Radio.

+ And, now, the man discovers America and ask us not to tell Columbus. No se lo digas a Colón!.
Escucha Stick to the Plan, little piece of honky tonk rock and roll, I dare to say.

+ By the way, in 2006, he recorded a live album, in steamy Chicago (103 degrees in June, don't ever come to Murcia, GP!). Listen Stick to me (from his second or third album probably).

+ We're stuck to you, Gram!.

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