04 May, 2007

FoW, simply great!

..... The new album by pop rock musicians Fountains of Wayne is just great. Impressive collection of pop songs. I hope you know how to get to listen to the songs. If I would have a rock group, those would be the songs I (we) will (surely) play.

.... Right now, strapped for cash really breaks me down, this better me good gets me singing all day long, someone to love is to show Dover (spanish group with disco ambitions!) how great songs are made (yeah, I know, they also know, it was just a joke), and trafffic and weather is the song.

.... Maybe they' ve made it. The perfect pop song. Oh, boy, I wish they still pursue the task some more dozen of years!.

+ Check out FoW in my space. I95 and someone to love video are there!

+ Two more mp3s (Hotel Majestic and Fire in the canyon) in a Plague of Angels.

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