28 August, 2007

Los Escarabajos - Beatles from Sevilla

+ I read the news today, oh boy, and learned about one of the best The Beatles' replica groups in Spain. Their name is the most appropriate in spanish. Since The Fab Four used the change of a letter for not being The Beetles, these andalusian boys really got a hold on these sounds and music. And in the name!

+ This knowledge is due to Diego A. Manrique, the paperback writer, who learned it from big ol' Gonzalo García Pelayo (anybody here remember "Para Vosotros, Jóvenes", with Carlos Tena?). Big ol' Diego can help it since he is a long time recognized fan of the Rolling Stones, when he writes about the Beatles. You can not see much emotion there.

+ Anyway, listen (and watch) to Los Escarabajos in:

* A day in the life.

* Sgt.Peppers-With a little help from my friend.

* Stand by me.

* She's leaving home.

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