30 August, 2007

The great lost Cash's concert

+ It is strange. Now some intrepid workers managed to get Johnny Cash's home completely burnt, The cause is unknown, but Steele said the flames spread quickly because construction workers had recently applied a flammable wood preservative to the exterior of the house. The preservative was also being applied inside the house. No workers were injured, but one firefighter was slightly hurt while fighting the fire.

+ They did a ring of fire, in five minutes everything was gone. Everything?. No, not at all, my friend. Now you have an excellent piece of live Cash's music. In Asbury Park, NJ, in 1990.

+ I could not get the whole history about how they decided to recover this musical gem. But, I tell you it is worth the work. The man in black performs some 13 years before his passing, still in perfect shape with his band, including his son John Carter Cash and his second wife, beloved June Carter. With June, they do a great Jackson, energetic, rough voice, trading verses with Johnny.

* I'm gonna Jackson, look out Jackson town!

+ So, this record is really a must. In fact, how many live records do you think Cash did?. Ok, one?. You bet!.

+ Please, listen to some audio from The Great Lost Performance:

* Walk The Line.

Ring Of Fire.

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