19 April, 2008

+ 17 songs! Impressive number. Bah, just imagine 17 symphonic rock songs, each one with its unavoidable guitar and drums solo. Whatever, do not lose your number.

+ If you are seventeen, this is your record. 'Cos I am much more than that, I do not understand yet why I love these 17 songs!

+ You can try to see if you like them by visiting their space, you will never tell they are great, but you know you should!, you can try to explain why you like the wonderful record under the radar, but you know you should buy all the records they have!

* You can even critizice them for their updated version (thanks guys) of the wizard of oz, somewhere over the rainbow, but you know that you were already very worried for always listening to that good old version (Judy Garland).

* You should say, The Goldbergs, where were you all my life?

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