05 April, 2008

It's not simple but Van just does it simple!

+ The man in the picture is serious, reflexive, it could serve as a roman emperor in an epic movie about the Roman empire. In its bourgeoning era, of course. Or the king of the spanish empire round sixteen century. Or just a blues singer. Great photo and cover!

+ Keep It Simple is Morrison’s first album of new material in two years. The man itself explain what will you find there:

“People don’t remember what you did, or what happened, or how you got here,” he says. “I didn’t get here the easy way. It’s people who don’t know me. They don’t actually look at what this guy’s actually been through. They see the big versions of what’s supposed to be me – but they don’t know my biography really. That’s what this whole record’s about.”

+ Ok, great music is what you find in any Van Morrison job. Keep it simple is no exception. Two superb blues pieces just as a start (how can a poor boy, school of hard knocks), rest (what a rest), another blues (don't go to clubs anymore), soul (lover come back), northern irish paintings, and much more, all with emotion and depth.

* You can get a good glimpse of the record by visiting his space.

* You can also listen to and watch soul.

* There is another player at the Lost Highway Records web.

* And, here, you can get a stream of “That’s Entertainment”.

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