11 September, 2007

Will Dailey, close to the new Bruce

+ Boston singer/songwriter Will Dailey received last year an award for his songs. The album collecting them has just been released. The title, Back Flipping Forward. The prize was the 2006 Boston Music Award for Best Male Singer/Songwriter. Not bad, eh?

* Listen to some of these songs in his space.

+ The themes and ideas in Dailey’s lyrics hold true in my opinion. Within such songs as Eliza, Good To Me, and Undone, the ideas of redemption and restlessness play out as if in an early Bruce Springsteen song. In one of the strongest lyrical passages, at the conclusion of Rise, Dailey sings, “When I grow up/I hope I get the hang of this/I bleed from 6 strings/I let the truth fall from my lips.”

+ Will's vocals are outstanding and very very personal. You may have a hard time trying to tell a name that reminds you that voice. Maybe that's because he's got a broken heart, as he sings in the opening track, the excellent Boom, Boom.

+ Do not expect only an acoustic guitar and a voice. No. The record is produced according to actual taste in pop. Unexpected guitar solos and horns and infectious choruses are smartly distributed, as in Grand Opening or in Rise. Ryan Adams will probably sing this song soon!

+ Hollywood Hills is another gem, with that special jazz sound given by the great rhythm and the clarinet.

+ I am not sure this record will make its way in Spain, but singer-songwriters like Will Dailey, we do not have!

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Gunnar said...

Great music!
Thank you for this tip.

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