06 October, 2007

Brian Setzer, keep on swingin'!


+ Fun title, the man that revived rockabilly in the eighties with The Stray Cats is already rockin' with Mozart.

+ Following the succesful treatment of other previous geniuses such as Chuck Berry, who rolled over Beethoven and told Tchaikovsky the news, Brian Setzer and Orchestra takes on Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.

+ Check out his space to listen to some of their new swingin' songs, which include rocking samples of the original masters, Amadeus and Ludwig also (take the 5th).

* If you wish, download (for a limited time only) two of these songs: one more night with you and the rocking Beethoven's 5th, Take the 5th.

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Megan said...

Hi Dr. Jnk,
I’m writing from Surfdog Records. Thanks for posting about Brian on your blog, we really appreciate it! We’re gearing up to release a brand new Brian Setzer album this Fall and I’d love to add you on to our e-mail list so we can keep you in the loop. I did not see an e-mail address on your blog. Please send me an e-mail at megan@surfdog.com if you would like to be added to our list!

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