28 October, 2007

Robert Gordon & Marco DiMaggio Trio touring Spain

+ Last night we went to Orihuela (Alicante) to hear and see the old rockabilly master Robert Gordon. Dressed with black slacks and shoes, and wearing a nice black shirt with fire flames, the good ol' rocker sang about a dozen songs, including rockabilly boogie, the way I walk, the fool, and fire. The man still has his trademark voice that made irresistible records more than 25 years ago. And also keeps his star statute, as we observed reverential looks both by the local organization (bikers' murcia chapter) and by his backing band. But this is another point. His backing band, I mean.

+ Of course, Mr. Gordon was very nice to everybody. He thanked the audience after each song and finished his act sending them some kisses (even most of the audience was full of bikers, you know, long hairdos and beards, big bellys and all that stuff, but nice guys and girls, music lovers).

+ But, as we were very pleased by Robert's singing, we were more than impressed by his band. The Marco DiMaggio Trio, which you can see at the right of this text. The bassman is on the left, Mattheo, Marco is at Robert's left, and the drummer, also Marco I believe, at the right of the image. The guitarist himself really keeps the show intense, the guy knows very well this style, using the pick (with the thumb and the index finger) and the other three fingers in a very professional way.They also maintained the audience rocking and rolling in the intermezzo Robert Gordon went to have a rest. His voice recalls a bit that of Raul Malo, but his guitar technique is superior. They performed a wonderful full-band version of the Buddy Holly's classic a capella Everyday that you can add to your Holly records as the version he would have recorded if not for the plane crash. A rockabilly version of The Police hit every breath you take did not satisfy as much as the rest of the set, but gave the opportunity the bikers to hug each other, he, he.

+ You better try to see the band in action. In the meantime, check out the following videos:

+ Robert Gordon videos:

*Rockabilly boogie. * The fool. * The way I walk. * Rockabilly boogie.

+ Marco DiMaggio videos:

* Just found out. *Crying, waiting, hoping. * Instrumentals mix.

+ Or listen to these favorites:

* Fire.

+ Long live to rock and roll!

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