12 October, 2007

Music goes to film - U2 PopMart Live in Mexico

+ U2, PopMart Live in Mexico City.

+ ¡Muchos huevos!, finally a rock band publish a concert not recorded in Barcelona!+ The performance took place at Foro Sol Autodromo, in Mexico City, and it was filmed 3rd December 1997. The director was David Mallet. It was ten years ago, but it looks like today. One more video to add to the huge videography list of the group.

+ Impressive sound, impecable realisation and edition. And the music... and the mise en scene. From the de Niro' s The Bull's inspired entry of the band, surrounded by mal encarados real bodyguards to the huge watt consumption of the thousands leds of the videoscreens at the back of the band, the DVD bring us back memories of a time when U2, then THE rock band par excellence, ruled the arenas and stadiums throughout the world, with their succesful mix of pop-rock emotional anthems and bloody popular hooks, and made the change to a more modern, nocturnal and global sound.

+ There is another thing that impressed me. The booklet that accompanies the package. I thought about using gloves to touch it, it is so futuristic, so brilliant, so glossy. I thought, oh boy, this is plastic!. But, it was paper. Incredibly prepared and printed paper.

+ Please, check out these videos to have a glimpse on that superb film:

* Pop Muzik/Mofo.

* Even better than the real thing.

* Staring at the sun.

* Bullet the blue sky.

+ If you like U2 you should get the whole show. It is worth, I declare.

+, hey, catalonian fans, it's only a practical joke for you, don't get angry!. Now, even the Boss changes Barcelona for Bilbao. Happy Spanish National Day!

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