01 December, 2007

Michael Veitch,music and compromise

+ I have had the privilege of listening to a great record. I found a man I did not know, but with perfectly crafted songs that talk about love and compromise, today's problems? You bet.

+ These songs were recorded with special care, as you will find if you listen to them. The Producer is Julie Last, who worked with Joni Mitchell, John Lennon, Shawn Colvin, to name a few. She said that "every song was given complete attention to detail", and I agree with that. She adds that " Michael's mature lyrics, strong singing and unique guitar work made it easy to build this set of compelling songs. They all come from his heart and the production has remained true to his vision". And I add, if you like Matthew Sweet or Iain Matthews, you'll love Veitch's music.

+ Finally, important in these days in someway, catchy rhythms, lyrics and verses that go to the bottom of your soul. Later, when you forgot the record, the songs will come back to you, naturally, and you will find yourself singing them. Isn't that the goal of an artist?. Michael Veitch got it.

+ Pleas, visit his webpage and be amazed by his goodbye-counter!. At the bottom of the page, you'll find another proof of his compromise. The cost of the war!.

+ I hope the man does not get mad at me for linking the song, but Goodbye is number one:

* Please, listen to Goodbye (never sounded so sweet).

* and to Come talk to me.

* (for a limited time only).

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