12 January, 2008

Fountains of Wayne kicks off in Murcia

+ Last night, local radio DJ and now programmer of the Villegas Auditorio in Murcia, Angel H. Sopena, was happy enough to see that his excellent work resulted in success, both artistic and economic, probably also. His debut was not anything.

+ Pop rock band from New York, Fountains of Wayne, gave an energetic show to an enthusiastic audience who sang, shouted and danced all the songs the band played. Although the show was named to present their last record, the excellent "Traffic and Weather", already commented here, the guys also played some of their hits, including radiation vive, stacy's mom, or sink to the bottom.

+ The sound was alright but not impressive. Maybe some more watts could be added to the concert hall (also, the organizers should bring enough beer barrels instead of using litronas and tercios, ji, ji).

+ The guys are on tour, so check out their space to be able to see and hear FoW. If you like pop, pop-rock, alt-rock, power pop, you can't miss them.

+ As usual, listen to the guys from here:

* Hey Julie. * Maureen. * Mexican wine. * Sink to the bottom. * I-95.

+ Or, watch FoW videos from here:

* Hey Julie. * Stacy's mom. * Mexican wine. * Radiation vibe. * Someone to love (live).

+ One of these nights, you might find someone to love!, be careful.

Note: image taken from http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/index.php/2007/08/29/alternate-takes-grown-up-pop-dreams/

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