24 November, 2007

The Silver Seas, golden harmonies

+ This Nashville band, led by the multi-talented Daniel Tashian, made the catchiest album of the week.

+ I have had this song in my ears for the whole week. With their effortlessly breezy harmonies and indelible hooks, the members of Nashville’s Silver Seas dispense an abundance of beautifully rootsy pop.

+ Their latest album “High Society” is like a soft rock (in a good way) record out of the 70’s that is so pleasant, it’s kind of impossible not to like. They’ve been compared to James Taylor, Jackson Browne, The Eagles, The Beach Boys, and Van Morrison. In fact, tell me if you recognize a Van Morrison song in the country life.

* Listen to The Country Life.

* Listen to Imaginary girl.

1 comment:

John said...

Definitely a great cd!

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