19 July, 2005

Digitizing those singles (17)

+ The Beat was the band that played with power-pop enthusiast Paul Collins (madrileño de adopción, if you don't know, favorite friend of Madrid's pop and rock).

+ But The Beat was also the name of a ska group. In fact, still it is the name of a ska band. But, it is difficult to find the early vinyls, not even the covers (i'll try to get pictures space soon). But, worry not, I have the songs.

+ They say that ska is reggae made easy. Read it here together with a small history of english ska.

+ Ok, then, at that time (80's) we had The Specials, Madness, The Selecter and many many others. I think I have some more ska singles I will be digitizing. So make sure you are ready to dance the offbeat!.

* Hands off, she's mine.

* Mirror in the bathroom.

* Twist and crawl.

* The jackpot.

+ Question for musicians: is it really easier ska than reggae?

+ 2nd question for musicians: can you tell the difference between downbeat and offbeat?

* Btw, you have 4 current The Beat mp3s here.

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