21 July, 2005

Hey Bobby, brother!

+ Tomorrow I will be, I hope so, in a Robert Cray concert.

+ I have known the man since the 80's, probably since his (their) first album, strong persuader, and liked throughout all these years his wonderful voice, of course his guitar, but mainly his voice, his soulful voice, his histories of love and not love...

+ He's got a new album, twenty, devoted to war, iraq's war. You shoulda listen carefully, he's got the things cristal clear and delivers it straight to you. Read the lyrics to this heartbreaking song twenty:

When you’re used up, where do you go, Soldier
Mother dry your eyes, there’s no need to cry, I’m not a boy, it’s what I signed up for

When you’re used up, where do you go, Soldier
I can’t take the heat, and I hardly sleep anymore, What’d we come here for

Standing out here in the desert, Trying to protect an oil line
I’d really like to do my job but, This ain’t the country that I had in mind
They call this a war on terror, I see a lot of civilians dying
Mothers, sons, fathers and daughters, Not to mention some friends of mine
Some friends of mine

Was supposed to leave last week, Promises they don’t keep anymore
Got to fight the rich man’s war

When you’re used up, where do you go, Soldier, Late in 2004
Comes a knock at the door, It’s no surprise, Mother dry your eyes

Mother don’t you cry, no, no, Someone told you a lie, Yes they did, why
Mother don’t you cry, oh no, Mother don’t you cry

When you’re used up, where do you go, Soldier

+ I have read they already have made more than 1000 gigs, so I guess the show will be perfect.

* Baby's arms, is a song from his 2001 album shoulds been home.

* the score. (real blues).

+ I hope they play some of the songs I love most. Just in case he does not I will make myself a cd, i don't like to bother artists while they are doing their job. You know, smoking gun, i was warned, right next door, i guess I showed her, nothin' but a woman, ...

+ I'll tell you about the thing.

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I envy you

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