23 July, 2005

The Robert Cray Band played in Murcia

+ I told you yesterday. I went to see the men. As the guitarist presented themselves. We are the Robert Cray Band. What a band, precise rhythm, impressive piano and organ lines, great guitar. A band. A band of blues...

+ Line up: drums, Kevin Hayes; organ, Jim Pugh; bass, Karl Sevareid; guitar and voice, Robert Cray.

+ Songs they played: I guess I showed her, Poor Johnny*, Right Next Door (Because Of Me), Smoking gun, Survivor, Bad Influence, Impostor, Our last time, That ain't love*, My last regret*, Twenty*, I'm walkin'*, Up in the sky...

+ With *, those songs from his last cd, twenty.

+ Some people (I guess british, there are a lot of them in the mediterranean coast of Murcia) wooooed Robert when he was singing those terrible lines of twenty about the soldier mission in Iraq; please, read yesterday's post. They left immediately after the song finished. Bye bye, war supporters!.

+ Robert changed the guitar with every song. I guess he is a fanatic of perfect tuning. Moreover, singing the first lines of twenty he didn't like something and took it off. The technician came immediately with other guitar, the grey one. He used mainly two Fender Stratocasters and one Telecaster with the sitar effect to play the last song, up in the sky. His only talk after finishing songs, was thank you so very much and the name of next song, like this.

+ So, my final impression. It was a great show, but I needed some more blues. Of course. The sound was great and the musicians were in shape. 8 out of 10.

+ Ok, I an going to post two of these songs. For me, the best of the new album. Just for a limited time only, one week at the most. Of course, if I receive a notification of the copyright holder, I will remove them immediately. I do not want to meet Robert's lawyers.

* Poor Johnny.

* I'm walkin'.
(songs removed on July 31)

+ Ok, great job, Bobby and pals.


Fire of lovE said...

Lucky you

Fire of lovE said...

Tinariwen is coming up next month.
That I am looking forward to.

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