28 July, 2005

Grab a song, listen to it!

+ This is what I'm doing, listening to songs fellas are posting in webjay. There you can find wonderful playlists of any imaginable type.

+ For instance, of my type:

* Zing's October 2k3 Mix.

* m_u_s_i_c.

* Glorious Noise MP3s.

* Bartonvan 's playlist.

* viciouslove1980's playlist.

+ I will select some of the songs I like, of my type:

* Paul Westerberg - Dirty Diesel.

* Bob Schneider - Metal and steel.

* Heath Haynes & The Crying Shames - Complicated girl.

* Neko Case - If You Knew (Live).

* The Supersuckers - I don't want to lose you yet.

+ Please, let me know when you add your own playlist.

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