31 July, 2005

Digitizing those singles (20) - Dave Davies

+ I am sure you know Ray Davies. ¿Sí?. Y a ¿Dave Davies?. Es su hermano. Y tocaba la guitarra en uno de los grandes grupos de pop-rock de los 60. You know I'm talking about The Kinks. Aquí tienes una gran página web, en español, para saberlo todo de los Kinks. In english, please, The Kinks.

+ For us, spaniards, please be kind to us and tell us which one of these meanings is the good one, applicable to The Kinks:
1. A tight curl, twist, or bend in a length of thin material, as one caused by the tensing of a looped section of wire.
2. A painful muscle spasm, as in the neck or back; a crick.
3. A difficulty or flaw that is likely to impede operation, as in a plan or system.
4. A mental peculiarity; a quirk.
5. An unusual or eccentric idea.
6. Slang: Peculiarity or deviation in sexual behavior or taste.

+ Whatever, in 1980, Dave Davies, they said he was always in his brother' shadow, published a good album. Twenty five years later, the 2 songs I have are in a single. Two great songs, I believe. The A side is a melodic song, a classic pop song. The B-side is a rocker, full of rhythm and passion. Dave did a good record, more if we think that he played almost every instrument. Of course, he composed all the songs.

* A - Imaginations real.

* B - Wild man.

+ I wait for your input about the real meaning!.


Fire of lovE said...

something wrong with the links

Fire of lovE said...

works now, thanks looking forward to this

dickvandyke said...

I think the Brothers Davies were leaning toward meaning No 6 ... but I shouldn't worry about it too much Dr. As Shakespeare would've said (had he been around in the 1960s), "What is in a name? Would Waterloo Sunset not be as beautiful if they were called something else?"

Grandes blogos too, old boy!

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