20 July, 2005

Digitizing those singles (18)

+ The gentleman I bring you today is well known for many of us. It is one of the pioneers of the new jamaican music and composer of one of their classic songs, the isrealites. But that was at the end of 60's. It took him almost 10 more years to reach some success again, mainly because of the the british ska movement.

+ So, by this time you should know that this gentleman is Desmond Dekker, who in 1980 published his famed album Black and Dekker., re-recording all his previous hits.

+ More important, this record was published by Stiff Records, legendary company of some of the english new wave sounds. And even more important, who was the band that accompanied Desmond in this album?, yeeeeeeeeeeeeees, The Rumour.

+ Here you can have access at clips of the whole lp.

+ The single, depicting a very black Desmond in a white suit even with white tie, contains two excellent pieces of ska, both composed by himself (Desmond Dacres):

* A - It mek (original from 1968).

* B - Hippo.

+ It's fun, isn't it?. No modern ska these days?

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Fire of lovE said...

thanks for this post. Did not know all that. Great stuff.

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